Continue the Conversation! #SLAtalk: New Year, New You: Enhance Your Resume or CV!

An #SLAtalk Twitter chat will be held on Friday, January 31st from 1:30 p.m. EST until 2:30 p.m. EST. Click HERE for the full details.

Below are some more questions to help you continue the conversation, or just food for thought!

  • What do you consider the most important part of a resume/CV?
  • Do you tailor your resume/CV for each individual job application?
  • Is there any circumstance where you believe something should be left out of a resume/CV?
  • How do you handle long gaps in your work history in your resume/CV?
  • When was the last time you updated your resume or CV?
  • What is the optimal page length?
  • Is it always appropriate to include volunteer or internship experience?
  • Do you ever need a resume and a CV, or is one sufficient?
  • Should you include references on resume?
  • How do you personalize your resume, what do you do to make yours stand out?
  • When is it appropriate to include activities or hobbies?
  • Do you keep copies of your resume/CV stored in your email, for easy access? How do you store/save it?
  • What resume keywords does a prospective employer always hope to see?
  • What are the most common resume/CV mistakes you’ve seen, either as a job seeker or potential employer?

Visit “Manage Your Career” on SLA’s website to see what resources are available to members and prospective employers.

2 thoughts on “Continue the Conversation! #SLAtalk: New Year, New You: Enhance Your Resume or CV!

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