Cultivate Your Network Like a Garden

I’ve said this before, that you need to maintain and cultivate your professional network as you would a garden. You have to tend to it to keep it healthy and active, but also be careful not to overuse it and have it wither. See my original blog post about that here:

I saw this article today that also addresses that same idea. See this piece from Fast Company written by Laura Vanderkam.

7 Non-Sketchy Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Contacts

I like what the author did with her article. She provided seven very easy ways to cultivate your network and keep it healthy to grow. In particular, I’d like to point out that I think #6 is really key. “Be helpful,” she wrote, “focus on what the other person needs.” Nothing turns me off to networking with someone quicker when they make it all about helping them and their needs. As I also wrote in my original blog post, networking needs to be a give and take relationship. You could soon find yourself without a network if you don’t cultivate it wisely.

5 thoughts on “Cultivate Your Network Like a Garden

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