Finding Library School

In advance of the joint #SLAtalk / #INALJchat Twitter chat on September 22nd, I have a question that I think might be an interesting addition to our conversation. See full details about the Twitter chat here:

  • When were you made aware that the Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree even existed? This also includes Master of Library Science or any dual degree like MS/MLIS, JD/MLIS. Basically, how did you find out that an advanced degree in library science existed?

Since we have a “back to school” theme for this Twitter chat, I thought it would be interesting to know how people came to know about this degree. That’s not to say that you can’t have a successful and fulfilling information professional career without it. I’m just curious, in the context of this Twitter chat topic, how some of us came to learn about perhaps a not so well known degree.

My story: The full-time job I landed right after earning my Bachelor’s Degree was as a cataloger for Baker & Taylor. It was there that I learned from my co-workers about the MLIS degree and how it would help my career. I previously was unaware of that option for me as a career path. I looked into my options and the best fit for me at that particular time was the distance learning program at the University of Pittsburgh. (Go Panthers!) The rest is, as they say, my resume 😉

What’s your story? Share with me here or Tweet at me @LibrarySherpa. Then, follow #SLAtalk at 3 pm EDT on Monday, September 22nd or #INALJchat at 9 pm EDT to join the conversation!

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