#SLAtalk on December 9th – People Who Need People: Honing Your Interpersonal Skills

#SLAtalk – People Who Need People: Honing Your Interpersonal Skills

A librarian or info pro cannot live by hard skills alone. Sure, you’re on top of your professional game with your knowledge and technical skills. But, how are you with soft skills like interpersonal communication and professional relationships? Leaving the labels of “extrovert” and “introvert” behind, this hour-long Twitter chat will identify which interpersonal skills are crucial for your professional success. Be one of the luckiest people and be a part of our discussion!

Follow @SLAhq on Twitter and use #SLAtalk to join in on the conversation.

Tuesday, December 9th
3:00-4:00 pm EST
What time is that where you are? http://time.is/compare

New to Twitter chats? Read, “How to #SLAtalk.” https://www.sla.org/slatalk-plus-slatalk-archives/

Q1 (first 15 minutes) Which interpersonal skills do you think are important for members of our professional community? In which areas do you think our professional community could use the most improvement?

Suggested reading: “What are the Interpersonal Skills You Need at Work?”

Q2 (second 15 minutes) What are your personal strengths and weaknesses regarding professional interpersonal skills? How did you succeed in mastering that soft skill? Or, what do you plan to do to improve it?

Q3 (third 15 minutes) If you are a hiring manager or review job applicant resumes, which soft skills do you look for the most? What tactics do you utilize to improve the soft skills of your co-workers or direct reports?

Q4 (last 15 minutes) Which resources or techniques do you recommend for those trying to gain or improve their professional interpersonal skills?

Check back after the chat for a summary of what was discussed. All Twitter chats are archived here: https://www.sla.org/category/slatalk/

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