New Date! Surf’s Up with “Point Break” for Librarians (and Friends) Live-Tweeting a Movie

The willing participants have voted! The majority of voters (52.94%) wish to give “Point Break” (1991) the Librarians (and Friends) Live-Tweeting a Movie treatment. This blessed event will occur on Saturday, January 31st at 3:00 pm EST. (Please note that this is the new, re-scheduled date. I apologize for any inconvenience.)

How to live-Tweet a movie, the Librarians (and Friends) way:

1. Have “Point Break” (1991) queued up and ready to go. Make sure you are past any previews or commercials.

2. Hit “play” at exactly at 3:00 pm EST on Saturday, January 31, 2015.
(That’s 8:00 pm GMT for our UK friends.  What time is that where you are?

3.  Use hashtag #libptb (short for “Point Break”) for all “Librarians & Friends Live-Tweeting a Movie” remarks for this specific movie.

4. Keep your Tweets clean, don’t be a jerk, etc, etc, etc.

5. Please be advised that “Point Break” has an MPAA rating of R (Restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.) Not in the US? See this site for other movie rating information. If you object to this, please don’t complain. Just don’t participate. Catch us another time when we live-Tweet a less saucy movie. Capisce?

6. Lastly, “bonus points” if you live-Tweet wearing a U.S. Presidential mask or have anything surfing related. There are no points given in reality, but just be satisfied in knowing that you are being super festive if you add a little extra to your Tweeting.

Questions? Contact @LibrarySherpa

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