#SLAtalk: Much to Do About Networking

I have always been a big advocate for professional networking, but also doing it well. The brilliantly talented Leslie Hicks and I are co-authoring a contributed paper about networking for the SLA 2015 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO in Boston. Join us on this March 25th Twitter chat as Leslie and I engage participants about the benefits of networking and how you can do it better!

#SLAtalk: Much to Do About Networking

Love it or hate it, it is the belief of our Twitter chat co-presenters that networking is a skill crucial to professional enrichment and success. Join us on for a spirited Twitter chat about the benefits of networking and how to sharpen your skills. Conference season is coming, and there’s so much to do about networking!

Online Content Advisory Council Chair Tracy Z. Maleeff (@LibrarySherpa) [THAT’S ME!] and Professional Development Advisory Council Chair Leslie Hicks (@librarianninja) are your co-hosts for this hour-long #SLAtalk Twitter chat about how you can start, cultivate and maintain meaningful professional relationships through networking. Follow @SLAhq and get ready to improve your professional relationships.

Wednesday, March 25
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. EDT
What time is that where you are?
► Follow @SLAhq on Twitter and use #SLAtalk to join the conversation.
► New to Twitter chats? Read “How to #SLAtalk.”

Q1 (first 15 minutes): How do you typically go about networking with your peers? Do you have a strategy or a plan? What kind of networker are you?

Q2 (second 15 minutes): If you struggle with networking, what weaknesses do you wish to improve upon? If you are skilled, what do you suggest to help?

Q3 (third 15 minutes): What do you expect your network to provide you? Or, do you have success stories of how networking benefited you?

Q4 (last 15 minutes): Which tools, tips or tricks do you employ to be successful at networking? What techniques and practices do you utilize?

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