The General Election – a literature overview

If you’re interested in the UK general election like I am, then you will enjoy this great literature overview from the @psyclib_uel blog!

UEL Library - Psychology Blog

The Houses of Parliament (c/o Eric Hossinger on Flickr used under a CC-BY license).

With the general election just over a week away, I take a look at some interesting psychology resources available to you on a variety of aspects of the election process, including polling, leadership, young voters and more…


Huberty (2015) looks at the difficulty of using social media to predict the outcome of an election. Huberty explores the use of tools such as Twitter for forecasting elections in a number of democracies, including the United States and Germany. He concludes that social media does not (“and probably never will”) offer a stable representative picture of the electorate and will not replace traditional polling methods as a means of assessing voting intentions.

The failure of polls to accurately predict the outcome of the 1992 election are often cited as a reason we should be cautious in drawing…

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