It’s the final countdown…

A lovely pre-SLA 2015 conference post from the Competitive Intelligence/Europe Chapter Early Career Conference Award winner, Sarah Hume.

date stamps and papercuts

First of all, you should all be incredibly grateful that I don’t know how to make songs autoplay on this post because (internet crime aside) I would be all over that. I’ll settle for infecting you with a magical, magical earworm. It will make today a little bit more epic, I promise.

So obviously I haven’t blogged much recently, despite a very huge motivation to do so – getting one of SLA’s Early Career Conference Awards and getting to go to the big conference in Boston. Which is now this week. This time next week I will be neck deep in day 2 of 3.


I am more or less materially prepared. I have business cards, and they are awesome – think Dulex colour cards – I have outfits planned, routes plotted, my hotel booked, flights booked (and seats selected!) and I’ve gone through the almost overwhelming and fantastic…

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