Professional confidence and ‘imposter syndrome’

Elly Vaughan (O'Brien) - Senior Analyst, healthcare

Togetherness Togetherness, c/o Steve Bridger

This blog post is about professional confidence, or rather a lack thereof. This is something I hear a lot of people in the library and information world talking about. In particular the concept of ‘imposter syndrome’.

What is it?

The term ‘imposter phenomenon’ or ‘imposter syndrome’ originated in a 1978 article and is the manifestation of a lack of professional confidence. People feel like they are in some way a fraud – such as feeling like they are not as good at their job as people think they are. Consequently they fear being “found out”. It can be fleeting, related to a particular task or happening only when you feel otherwise lacking in confidence. Or it can be something that pervades throughout one’s professional life.

Imposter syndrome arises from genuine feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence. The purpose of this blog post is not…

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