#SLAtalk: Get to Know KM with SLA’s Knowledge Management Division!

The term “knowledge management” is used a lot in the library and information science world. But, do you truly know what it means and how to use it? Get the scoop about KM and SLA’s Knowledge Management Division during our hour-long Twitter chat. Members of the KM Division will be participating in the Twitter chat to engage you and assist with your questions. Everything you wanted to know about KM, but didn’t know how to ask!

Wednesday, July 22nd
3:00 p.m – 4:00 p.m. ET  (7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. UTC)
What time is that where you are?
► Follow @SLAhq on Twitter and use #SLAtalk to join the conversation.
► New to Twitter chats? Read “How to #SLAtalk.”

Q1 (first 15 minutes) Is there definition of knowledge management that resonates with you?  One you’ve read?  One you’ve developed yourself?

* Supplemental reading: “What is KM? Knowledge Management Explained.” Michael D. Koenig, KM World, May 4, 2012 post

Q2 (second 15 minutes) Are you responsible for areas or products in your workplace that are considered knowledge management? If so, what are they?  (e.g.: Maintaining expertise database, researching and writing lessons learned, etc.)

* Supplemental reading: “Librarians & Knowledge Management: Everything old is new again” Holly M. Riccio, AALL Spectrum May 2011

Q3 (third 15 minutes) What KM strategy or technique do you find most valuable in your organization?  How does that work for you and your organization?

* Supplemental reading: “Knowledge Management is Not Mere Dissemination” The World Bank People, Spaces, Deliberation Blog, April 3, 2012 post

Q4 (last 15 minutes) Which resources do you use to learn about or sharpen your KM skills? Experts, share some books/articles/websites/social media you use to stay on top of KM!

* Supplemental reading: SLA KM Division website’s KM Learning Corner

Originally posted on SLA’s Calendar: http://calendar.sla.org/index.php?eID=460

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