Tuesdays With Motivation – 12 January 2016: Fear


It can be a great motivator.

It can make someone cut bacon and butter sandwiches out of their diet, out of fear of high cholesterol.

It can make someone cut back on alcohol, or not drink it at all, because they have seen what it can do to some people.

Fear can also be a great inhibitor.

Is the comfort and safety of “the devil you know” heightening your fear of “the devil you don’t?” Professionally speaking, is it making you stay at a job longer than you should probably be there? Is fear keeping you away from learning a new skill, that could benefit your career sometime down the road?

Today’s Tuesdays With Motivation message is all about taking the fear out of fear in your professional life.

I used to keep this mid-to-late 80s Nike ad on the wall in my room: fear


In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have. It was meant to be motivational, “Just Do It” and all. Instead, it just put into black type what exactly was going on inside my head; a vicious cycle of of inertia due to paralyzing fear of action or fear of inaction.

I previously wrote about overcoming fear of a different sort in this blog post about my difficulties of riding a bike. Now, professionally, I am embarking on learning (or, in some cases, re-learning) computers and technology. The learning curve is a little steep for me in some places, so my fear of failure would tell me to be afraid. Instead, I am determined to tell the fear to take a hike and brace myself for the impact of failure. The good thing about failure? Once you are down, the only place to go is up.

“There is no illusion greater than fear.” – Lao Tzu

What in your professional life are you afraid of that is holding you back? What part of the illusion of fear is making something elude you? Use the fear as your fuel.

Fear. It’s a great motivator.

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