Tuesdays With Motivation – 8 March 2016: Passion

Passion. No, not the NSFW kind of passion. Nor the kind of passion one may reserve for enjoying a favorite kind of gelato. Nope, not passion fruit.

The passion you have — or, should have — for your work, your job, your career and your professional development.

On my flight home from the RSA Conference, I listened to this podcast episode about how you should bring passion to work with you, as opposed to blindly following passion and maybe suffering because of it along the way. It is an information security-centric podcast, but I think the lessons they discuss are applicable to all. So, if you are not a tech-y kind of person, just let those references go over your head and concentrate on what the podcasters say about passion and work.

If you are in a rut or just hate your job, you may scoff at this idea of having passion. There are plenty of articles that can help you do little things to adjust your thinking and hopefully ignite some fire within  you to bring flames of passion to what you are presently doing. It could also start you on a path to bring about passion to change where you are give you something to works towards. (Ahem, uh, like I did about a month ago.)

Give this podcast episode a listen and understand what it means to bring passion to your work and how it will help you professionally in the long run.

PVCSEC 56: Bring Passion to Your Work, Don’t Follow It

PVCSEC = Passion, Vision, Communication (& Execution) in Leadership & Security Podcast. The four hosts, and occasional guests, discuss topics about information security and professional topics in general. Follow them on Twitter @PVCSEC.

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